The Dangerous Effects of Smoking Tobacco Wraps vs. Hemp

Throughout the marijuana smoking culture and non-smokers, the age-old debate has been brooding. While tobacco smoking has been proven to bring serious health issues, no formal research has been found against marijuana smoking to date. However, an educated guess can be made if we talk about smoking marijuana in traditional blunt wraps, the ones that contain […]

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.

It seems as if the social and cultural constructs that we live within, leave us under constant oppression from higher entities, including academic institutions. Life is a game, and it becomes increasingly intricate with the integration of technology into our society. The writings of psychologists such as Dr. Richard Alpert and Dr. Timothy Leary, leave […]

Strain Spotlight: Dragon’s Breath

This strain is a smooth hitting sativa-dominant hybrid that is the descendent of the legendary strains, Jack Herer and Northern Lights. Dragon’s Breath is perfect for daytime chiefing and provides a stimulating head buzz that will leave you free of stress and anxiety throughout the day. I suggest enjoying this fiery beast before social events, […]