The Entourage Effect; How Terpenes Work Synergistically With Cannabinoids

There are myriad compounds and chemicals which make-up the biological structure of the cannabis plant. Out of those 140 happen to be terpenes (aromatic organic hydrocarbons). Both cannabis and cannabis oil have those in abundance. But, not all of terpenes have the same utility. Only the ones with 0.05 % concentration are given consideration from […]

Hemp Is The “Misunderstood Kid” From High School, Who’s Actually Really Cool…

There are a lot of misunderstood things in life. Misunderstood people, misunderstood leaders; we can go on and on. This post talks about one of the most highly misunderstood plants; not just in the US, but all across the globe.  We’re talking about Hemp.   Most people only associate this plant with its drug-like image. […]

Is It Toxic Or Can Cannabis Clean Toxic Waste?

Apparently, there’s more to cannabis than just being a smoker’s best friend. As a matter of fact, this plant carries myriad benefits and serves incredible purposes that go way beyond what most of are familiar with. The cannabis plant is used for making fabric, paper, and even fuel (through industrial processing of hemp). And, that’s […]

From Migraines to Chronic Pain; Can CBD’s Help?

Legalizing marijuana has been quite the buzz lately. In fact, many states have already legalized it. This is why there’s no lack of information and discussions on this topic. Unfortunately, during these discussions, the therapeutic benefits of cannabis are often overshadowed by its ‘drug-like’ aspect. Speaking of using this leafy plant as part of the […]

The Dangerous Effects of Smoking Tobacco Wraps vs. Hemp

Throughout the marijuana smoking culture and non-smokers, the age-old debate has been brooding. While tobacco smoking has been proven to bring serious health issues, no formal research has been found against marijuana smoking to date. However, an educated guess can be made if we talk about smoking marijuana in traditional blunt wraps, the ones that contain […]

Is Hemp Another Name for Marijuana? What is this Stuff?

Hemp (scientific name Cannabis Sativa L.) is a resourceful, woody and tall plant that has been grown by hemp farmers since ancient times. It’s common among people to confuse hemp with marijuana. Although the two plants belong to the same family, there’s a lot of difference between these two.   To begin with, marijuana has […]

Strain Spotlight: Dragon’s Breath

This strain is a smooth hitting sativa-dominant hybrid that is the descendent of the legendary strains, Jack Herer and Northern Lights. Dragon’s Breath is perfect for daytime chiefing and provides a stimulating head buzz that will leave you free of stress and anxiety throughout the day. I suggest enjoying this fiery beast before social events, […]