How did KONG WRAPS come about?

In 2016 3 stoners sat together in a college dorm room and discussed a missing piece in the smoking industry. How come every blunt wrap on the market was made of either cancerous tobacco or other herbal materials people don't really smoke? Why not just make a wrap using CBD Cannabis leaves/flower instead of tobacco leaves?

See the reason we were asking ourselves this question was because we always truly appreciated the many and distinct flavors of Cannabis. We knew every single bud had a different taste/ smoke to her. We also knew that as the smoking industry grew there would be hundreds of cream of the crop flavors that would pop up. As the industry grows it will continue to focus on "high potency " legal herbs but as potency starts to cap out the number one thing that will determine the best will come down to Flavor and Smoke. 

Get Acquainted with the hybrid experience of a thin, smooth paper with the slow burn of a cigar. Smoke A Kong, Smoke Like a King. 

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