About Us - Kong Hemp Wraps

What is Kong Hemp Wraps ?

Kong Wraps was established Dec 2016 by a visionary group of connoisseurs that felt the smoking industry was missing something.... Why ruin the taste and smoke of your legal herbs with a tobacco wrap? When we can use a leaf from the same plant were already rolling. And boom Hemp wraps were born!

Since then we've released 14 Different Hemp Wrap Lines constantly perfecting our formulas for the best smoking experience. We currently have 3 Lines On the Market: Original Girl Scout Cookie, Organic line, and now January 2020 we are releasing "Flavors". Our Next Installment which will contain a new Hemp Wrap Formula with 5 Different Organic Flavors. In total now we have 10 Hemp Wrap flavors to our stable as well as 2 Limited Edition Flavors with Grammy Winner Swae Lee. 

Enjoy a smooth, tasteful toke like a paper with the slow puff of a cigar. Kong Hemp Wraps was created for those who find delight in the taste of their legal herbs. As more and more great strains/flavors pop out every day in a extremely fast growing industry its important to keep the true essence and taste of the plant we all love.

Enjoy our friends...




1. Girl Scout Cookie Original Naturals

- The First of the Kong Wraps Stable.

- Made with a Canadian Hemp Strain with a similar a Terpene profile to Girl Scout Cookies.

2. Organic + Line

-  Made from Organic American Grown Flower.  The Strain we picked for this one was Cherry Wine.

- This Wrap is the first blunt ever that NEVER drys up in or out the pouch.

3. Flavors Line

- The Latest to the Kong Stable

- For this formula we picked out the finest grown Hemp in Mexico. Its strain has been cultivated in small batches for 200 years.

- Flavoring is all natural, no chemicals.

- Contains naturally derived Terpenes