About Us

Who is Kong Wraps ?

Kong Wraps was established Dec 2016 by a visionary group of connoisseurs that felt the smoking industry was missing something.... Why ruin the taste and smoke of your legal herbs with a tobacco wrap? When we can use a leaf from the same plant were already rolling. 

Since then we've released 4 Different Hemp Blunt Wrap Lines constantly perfecting our formulas for the best smoking experience. We currently have 3 Lines On the Market: Original Girl Scout Cookie, Organic line, and now January 2020 we are releasing "Flavors". Our Next Installment which will contain a new Hemp Wrap Formula with 5 Different Organic Flavors. 

Enjoy a smooth, tasteful toke like a paper with the slow puff of a cigar. Kong Wraps was created for those who find delight in the taste of their legal herbs. As more and more great strains/flavors pop out every day in a extremely fast growing industry its important to keep the true essence and taste of the plant we all love.

Enjoy our friends...



1. Girl Scout Cookie Original Naturals

- The First of the Kong Wraps Stable.

- Made with a Canadian Hemp Strain with a similar a Terpene profile to Girl Scout Cookies.

2. Organic + Line

-  Made from Organic American Grown Flower.  The Strain we picked for this one was Cherry Wine.

- This Wrap is the first blunt ever that NEVER drys up in or out the pouch.

3. Flavors Line

- The Latest to the Kong Stable

- For this formula we picked out the finest grown Hemp in Mexico. Its strain has been cultivated in small batches for 200 years.

- Flavoring is all natural, no chemicals.

- Contains naturally derived Terpenes