What are Hemp Wraps ? 

Hemp Wraps are sheets of paper made from 100% Hemp. Each company uses their own quality of hemp sheets so we cant speak on everybody but we can talk about how we make ours. 


Kong Wraps are produced from 100% Organic Hemp . We take Organic Hemp leaf and hemp flower, grind them down and put them through a paper process to produce our wraps. Since CBD is a natural component of Hemp, each wrap contains naturally derived CBDS. We don't infuse anything . We intend to provide our customers with a green and pure wrap which only heightens the taste and experience of your herbs. A wrap made from the same plant we all love. 

Once the wraps are made we flavor each wrap with our subtle and natural flavoring blends. We are lucky enough to work with one of the old flavor specialist from Frito Lay and he's a mad scientist when it comes to flavors. After each wrap is flavored it is packaged and sealed into our pouches. This instant seal and meticulous approach to quality is what makes us stand out. We then take every batch and pass them around to our Connoisseur Taste test team for  QC perfection. If we won't put it in our lungs and LOVE it we won't put it on the market. For Connoisseurs By Connoisseurs 

Smoke Like A King 




Flavors Line

+ The Latest to the Kong Stable

+ For this formula we picked out the finest grown Hemp in Mexico. Its strain has been cultivated in small batches for 200 years.

+ Flavoring is all natural, no chemicals.

+ Contains naturally derived Terpenes

Organic Line

+ Made from Organic American Grown Flower.  The Strain we picked for this one was Cherry Wine.

+ This Wrap is the first blunt ever that NEVER drys up in or out the pouch.

Girl Scout Cookie Original Naturals

+ The First of the Kong Wraps Stable.

+ Made with a Canadian Hemp Strain with a similar a Terpene profile to Girl Scout Cookies.


Why ruin the taste and smoke of your legal herbs with a tobacco wrap? When we can use a leaf from the same plant were already rolling.